Avoid Teeth Stains while Enjoying your Caffeine Buzz
February 26th, 2015

Do you need to have coffee first thing in the morning to be able to function normally? If you cannot feel awake or energised without the caffeine buzz, you are just one of the millions worldwide who are unable to get through the day without at least a single cup (or glass) of coffee. The aroma, the taste, and the temperature of a good cup of coffee can awaken your senses so you can face a challenging day with enough energy. However, coffee can stain your teeth and can make your smile look unattractively dark.


Your dentist may suggest that you cut down on your coffee intake to prevent unattractive stains on the surface of your teeth, but the thought of depriving yourself of your coffee fix may be enough to send you panicking and reaching for yet another cup of coffee. Fear not, because there are ways you can still enjoy your caffeine kick without dealing with the problem of teeth staining.

Drinking cold coffee using a straw will help minimise the dark beverage’s contact with the surface of your teeth, decreasing the chances of teeth staining; obviously, this will not work with scalding-hot coffee. Hot coffee lovers will benefit from a quick swirl of water inside the mouth right after drinking coffee. Water cleans coffee residue from the teeth surfaces, and also helps avoid stale-smelling coffee breath. Regular tooth brushing will also help in the prevention of coffee stains. If your teeth are especially prone to staining, stubborn coffee stains can effectively be removed with cosmetic dentistry treatments such as professional teeth whitening by your dentist.

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