Common Dental Problems for Pregnant Women
May 17th, 2016

Pregnancy brings about dramatic changes in a woman’s body, and that includes the condition of her dental health. Aside from the wondrous changes happening in her womb, a pregnant woman is also at a higher risk of developing certain dental problems mainly due to the hormonal changes that come with pregnancy.

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A dry mouth problem is commonly experienced by women in the early part of their pregnancy. Hormonal changes contribute to this concern, which makes the mouth feel parched. This can be helped by keeping the mouth hydrated with water. The excessive production of saliva is also common during the first trimester of pregnancy. This makes a pregnant woman feel like her mouth is always full of saliva, and may often lead to an uncomfortable nauseating feeling that accompanies the morning sickness experience.
Good dental habits are crucial especially during pregnancy, to avoid problems such as gum disease. Pregnant women have a higher risk of developing gingivitis, so it is important to practise good dental health on a personal level, and with the help of a dentist at the London Dental Studio. The risk of developing sensitive teeth is also increased during pregnancy, especially when the tooth enamel is constantly exposed to stomach acids (brought by vomiting or morning sickness). Teeth sensitivity is also increased when eating something sour, resulting from a craving for acidic food.

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