Secure Denture Use with Implants
June 28th, 2014

Are you a denture wearer? If you use removable dentures, you may need to deal with a fair amount of discomfort and embarrassment with the dental appliance, especially if it starts to become loose. Loose dentures will rub painfully against the soft parts inside your mouth and can cause mouth sores to form. As the dentures lose their initially-comfortable fit, they tend to move around in an embarrassing way – even in times when you least expect them to do so, such as when you are speaking or simply opening your mouth to speak.

secure denture use

Loose dentures can be secured with an implant treatment at the London Dental Studio. Mini implants can be used to provide a stable connection between the teeth replacement and the jawbone, eliminating the problem of unexpected movement. As the dentures or dental bridge are fixed in place, you will have the confidence to speak, smile, or eat your meals without the pain and discomfort of a constantly moving teeth restoration.

Dental implants will also solve the problem of bone deterioration, which is a common issue with long-term tooth loss. The implants will replace the duty of the lost tooth roots by stimulating the jawbone, so that it retains its healthy structure. As the jawbone receives the much-needed stimulation from the implants, bone thinning will be prevented; in cases when bone deterioration has already started, the implants will instead work on preventing the jawbone from undergoing further thinning.

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