Stop Denture Discomfort with Dental Implants
July 15th, 2016

Dentures provide convenient and quick solutions to tooth loss problems. These teeth restorations are created to fit comfortably inside the mouth, resulting in a smile that feels and looks natural – much like that with the natural teeth. However, removable dentures may result to more problems with long-term use. As the dentures are not attached to the jawbone, they will eventually lose their tight fit against the mouth, and will start moving uncontrollably. These dentures movements lead to embarrassing and painful problems for the denture wearer.

loose dentures

Loose dentures are embarrassing to use, as they have a tendency to move with even the slightest mouth movements. Imagine how embarrassing it would be to talk and suddenly find your artificial teeth coming out of your mouth at the same time! Those who have loose dentures also have to endure constant discomfort with the uncontrollable movement. The dentures rub painfully against the palate, gums, and inner mouth areas, and this constant rubbing can lead to the development of mouth sores.

Denture pain and embarrassment can be stopped with the help of dental implants. The implants are used to securely attach the teeth restorations into the jawbone, preventing the artificial teeth from moving from their fixed position. This implant treatment results in a smile that stays in place, feels comfortable, and looks natural at the same time.

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