Sedation (Nervous Patient Care)

At The London Dental Studio you will be looked after by highly experienced dentists, and their team, who have decades of sedation experience. For complex cases a specialist medical anesthetist who is part of our team is available.
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Sedation (for Nervous Patient Care)

What is IV Sedation?

With Sedation you will feel more relaxed and comfortable during treatment. A small sedative is usually given in the back of the hand or your arm.
This will relax you during the treatment to such a level that it is likely to be the only thing you remember before recovering.

Who Can Have Sedation?

  • Fear of visiting the Dentist
  • Sensitive Teeth
  • Gag Reflex or Difficulty Opening Mouth
  • Those Wanting a More Relaxed Overall Experience
  • Undergoing Long Periods of Treatment
  • Undergoing Complex Surgical Procedures such as Dental Implants or Extractions

How will I Feel?

IV sedation induces a sleepy state of deep relaxation and a feeling of not being perturbed by what's going on.
You may not remember much about your treatment at all.

Is it Safe?

Yes it is completely safe. At The London Dental Studio you will be looked after by a highly qualified and experienced, dedicated anesthetist.

You are treated as an individual and we take care to listen and understand your particular concerns.

Feeling Nervous?
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