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    3M Clarity Braces

    Orthodontic treatments work by moving teeth into better alignment, providing cosmetic and sometimes, even functional improvements to the smile. Conventional teeth straightening treatments use metal wires and brackets that can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. However, there are now ways to deal with crooked teeth in a more comfortable and discreet manner. One such treatment option uses 3M Clarity Braces.



    What are 3M Clarity Braces?

    These cutting-edge ceramic braces offer a discreet orthodontic treatment using very small, almost-invisible brackets that match the natural teeth shade. A translucent ceramic material is used to give the braces an almost-invisible appearance – a far cry from the obvious metal parts of conventional dental braces.
    The system can be used by patients 13 years old and above for minor teeth crookedness to more complicated teeth spacing or crowding cases.

    How do 3M Clarity Braces Work?

    This orthodontic system uses metal-reinforced ceramic brackets to move teeth with predictable straightening results, in an almost unnoticeable manner. Fine-grained ceramic material is used in creating dome-like brackets for additional comfort.

    Advantages of 3M Clarity Braces

    • Nearly Invisible – The small, translucent ceramic brackets are created to blend in seamlessly with the rest of the natural teeth for a completely discreet orthodontic treatment.
    • Predictable Teeth Straightening – The 3M Clarity braces system guarantees successful teeth straightening.
    • Increased Patient Comfort – The ceramic brackets’ smooth rounded shape feels more comfortable inside the mouth, compared to metal brackets’ sharp edges that can lead to irritation and mouth sores.
    • Stain Resisting & Discolouration – Ceramic brackets are not prone to staining, which can be a problem with metal braces.
    • Superior Strength – Advanced technology and materials used result in remarkably strong ceramic braces, which can be deceiving given the ultra-small size of the brackets.
    • Convenient Placement and Removal – A proprietary stress concentrator is located on the ceramic brackets’ base, making it easier for the brackets to be removed when the treatment is completed.