Are Invisible Braces for You?

Are Invisible Braces for You?

Dental braces used to be considered only for teenagers and children. The idea of a mouth filled with metal wires and brackets used to be associated only with children. Nowadays, more adults are becoming increasingly interested in having an orthodontic treatment to improve the appearance of their smiles. However, not everyone is enthused with the idea of taking on a juvenile look with traditional metal orthodontic braces in their mouths. If you want to have straighter teeth but shun the idea of being a metal-mouth, invisible braces at London Dental Studio offer you a better orthodontic treatment option.

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Invisible braces use clear aligners to gently yet effectively move teeth into the desired straighter position. The aligners are made of a material that is almost invisible to the eyes, to facilitate a discreet orthodontic treatment. With invisible braces, teeth straightening can be done without the conspicuous metal wires and brackets used in conventional dental braces. Those who want to straighten their teeth discreetly will greatly benefit from using invisible braces instead of metal braces.

Invisible braces are also convenient to use since they can easily be taken off when necessary. The aligners can be removed before eating and before brushing the teeth, making it easier to maintain good oral hygiene while undergoing an orthodontic treatment. The length of the treatment period depends on the individual case, with some patients achieving the desired results in as short as 3-6 months’ time.

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