Are you Sure you don’t Have Bad Breath?

Are you Sure you don’t Have Bad Breath?

Bad breath is an embarrassing problem that no one wants to deal with. However, it is important to determine if you have it or don’t. If you don’t then congratulations! But if you do, then you need to find a bad breath solution as soon as possible so that you do not expose those who are closest to you to the foul smells coming from your mouth – which can have a negative effect on your social and professional life.

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How will you know if you have bad breath? Aside from having the condition confirmed by your dentist during a regular dental check-up, there are some ways to determine if you need to improve your breath or not. Even before you have your mouth checked by your London Dental Studio dentist, you can ask a close loved one to check for you. Those with bad breath will most likely have a white coating on the tongue, which is the odour-causing bacteria that brings the bad breath smell.

Another way to check if your breath smells bad is to do what is called a “sniff test”. This involves licking the inside of your wrist and then allowing your saliva to dry up before taking a sniff of the area. You will determine from the smell left on your wrist if you have bad breath or not. You can also take a sniff of the tongue scraper after using it to clean your tongue.

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