Benefits of Dental CT Scans

Benefits of Dental CT Scans

Obtaining diagnostic images of a patient’s oral anatomy is an important part of a dental implant treatment. This initial stage aids the dentist or implantologist to precisely determine how to go about the treatment, so that there will be no guesswork when it comes to the actual placement of the implants. Accurate images obtained through the use of in-house dental CT scanner at the London Dental Studio help make the entire dental implant treatment a successful and completely safe one.

Advantages of Dental CT Scans

More Accurate Images – The 3D images obtained from a dental CT scan are more accurate compared to those that result from conventional dental X-ray machines. This enables a more precise evaluation of the patient’s dental implant needs, making it easier for the dentist or implantologist to formulate a safe and successful implant treatment. A computer program is then used to manipulate and precisely interpret the three-dimensional images for the implant treatment planning.

Patient Comfort and Convenience – Obtaining images of the oral cavity, jawbone, and other oral anatomy parts with a dental CT scan will not expose the patient to discomfort and inconvenience. The scanning is completed in a matter of minutes, while the patient is comfortably lying down; the machine will move around the patient’s head to get clear 3D images.

Patient Information – The patient can also view the images obtained by a dental CT scan. The visual presentation helps the patient have a clearer idea of what the treatment will be like, and can ease any concerns he or she may have about the upcoming implant placement procedure.

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