Benefits of Porcelain Onlays

Benefits of Porcelain Onlays

Do you have damaged teeth? The damage will need to be addressed immediately to ensure that it the problem will not spread to other parts of the teeth or surrounding tissue. A dental treatment will also save the tooth from being permanently damaged or lost altogether. The use of dental onlays can help save a damaged tooth in a conservative manner, so there is less tooth structure to be removed in the process of solving the dental problem.

Onlays are indirect teeth restorations, placed on the surface of the affected tooth. These are used if more than one of the tooth cusps are damaged, as an inlay is used if there is only one tooth cusp involved. While other materials can be used, such as gold or amalgam, porcelain is the top choice for onlay treatments today because they look natural and are more stable, long-term.

What are the benefits of porcelain onlays?

*Natural-looking tooth restoration – the shade of porcelain used for onlays treatment can be adjusted to match the rest of the teeth. The tooth can be restored in a discreet manner, with the restoration seeming invisible even when the mouth is opened.

*Conservative solution – an onlay treatment is considered to be more conservative compared to dental crowns since less tooth structure needs to be removed as part of the preparation; more healthy tooth portions are preserved in the process.

*Long-lasting strength – porcelain onlays are not prone to contraction and expansion with temperature changes. The onlays also make the damaged tooth stronger, compared to teeth restorations made of metal.

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