Bite with Strong Blade Implants

Bite with Strong Blade Implants

Dental implants provide reliable, long-lasting solutions to missing teeth problems. Regardless of the number of teeth lost, an implant treatment will be able to bring back the normal function of the teeth, as well as successfully restore the beauty of a healthy smile. A blade implant is a type of implant which is used in a specific area of the mouth – the back portion – for a specialised purpose.


Blade implants are made of titanium, and have a flat appearance. These flat implants usually have either one or two metal prongs, which are left sticking out into the mouth so that a dental crown or a fixed bridge can then be securely attached as part of an implant treatment. A blade implant is considered to be an endosseous implant, which means that they are placed into the jawbone (as opposed to being placed on top of the bone).

An implant treatment using blade implants is done in cases when the tooth loss is located in the back portion of the mouth. This type of implant is considered to be extremely strong, making it an ideal choice for the back part of the mouth, where extreme forces are often used for chewing food. After the treatment with blade implants, you can once again enjoy mealtimes without discomfort; you can once again chew your favourite food items with ease, with the help of these sturdy dental implants.

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