Bring Back Younger Smiles with Dental Implants
June 3rd, 2016

When you see a person without teeth, it’s easy to assume that the person is old – at least, much older than the actual age. This is because a toothless condition is commonly associated with old age. Regardless of how young you actually are, you will instantly look old when you lose some or all of your teeth. The skin around your lips will take on a shrunken look that will dramatically add years to your appearance, while the spaces in your smile will make you look extremely unhealthy.

young smile implants

Do you have missing teeth? If you do, you can still have a youthful smile with the help of dental implants from the London Dental Studio. The implants are placed directly into your jawbone to serve as replacements for the lost tooth roots. The artificial roots will then be attached to dental restorations – such as a dental bridge – to bring back the normal appearance and function of your smile.

Implants also provide continuous stimulation to the jawbone, so that bone atrophy can be avoided (or stopped from further worsening). Preserving the good quality of the jawbone prevents the jaw area from taking on a thinning, sunken look – commonly seen in suffering from long-term tooth loss. After getting dental implants, you can once again be confident with the knowledge that you now have a younger-looking smile.

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