Common Dental Emergencies

Common Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies are those situations that need the urgent attention and care of dentists. These are the instances when you may not be able to wait for your dental clinic’s regular hours, because you need to be seen by a London Dental Studio dentist as soon as possible.

Closeup of young women covering her mouth with both hands on a white isolated background
Closeup of young women covering her mouth with both hands on a white isolated background

The following situations are the most common dental emergencies:

Severe toothache – Extremely painful toothache may need urgent care, especially if you are in such pain that you are unable to do anything – even move – because of the severe discomfort.

Dental Abscess – An abscessed tooth can be very painful. The infection also has an increased risk of spreading to other teeth and areas of the mouth, so it is important to see a dentist at once.

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Knocked Out Tooth – A knocked-out tooth can still be saved and placed back into the socket, as long as the dentist sees to the problem immediately after the incident.

Lost Dental Crown or Filling – Losing a tooth filling or a dental crown exposes the affected tooth to sensitivity and infections. It is important to go to a dentist immediately so that the crown or filling can be replaced as soon as possible.

Dental Injury – An injury to the teeth, mouth, or jaw area will need to be seen immediately by a dentist, especially if bleeding is present.

Damaged Dental Appliances – Broken braces or damaged dentures need to be checked by a dentist in the soonest possible time to prevent further complications.