Conditions Improved by a Smile Makeover

Conditions Improved by a Smile Makeover

Are you satisfied with your smile? If you want to make your smile more attractive, there are treatments that can give you the improvements you want. Cosmetic dentistry treatments focus on improving the aesthetics of your smile, giving you the confidence of knowing that you have a beautiful, and healthy, smile. If you want to improve more than one aspect of your smile, you can consider going for a smile makeover, which combines two or more cosmetic dentistry treatments to bring about all the smile improvements you wish to have.

What conditions can be improved by a smile makeover?

Teeth stains – discolouration and stains on teeth can be removed by teeth whitening treatment which can be done safely in the dentist’s office

Crooked teeth – orthodontic treatments such as dental braces are used to move teeth to a straighter position. Adult orthodontics or invisible braces are available for more discreet teeth straightening treatment

Spaces or small gaps between teeth – these issues can be solved with dental veneers which can close the gaps, or by orthodontics which will move the teeth to close the gaps

Chipped or broken teeth – damaged teeth can be treated with veneers or dental crowns, which work by covering the affected tooth to improve its appearance

Missing teeth – dental implants from the London Dental Studio are the ideal solutions to missing teeth problems. The implants can then be attached to teeth replacements such as dental crowns or a dental bridge to fully restore the normal appearance and function of the smile

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