Conscious Sedation for a More Comfortable Implant Treatment
January 6th, 2018

Do you want to solve your missing teeth? Problems associated with tooth loss are not to be ignored, because they will just become even harder to deal with as time goes by. Aside from the discomfort and embarrassment of not having teeth, you will also have the long-term problem of jawbone deterioration to think about. Dental implants provide ideal solutions for missing teeth; however, not everyone may be considering the treatment because of the surgery involved in placing the implants.

The idea of going through a surgical procedure may not be something that a lot of people are comfortable thinking about – and the worry is even more pronounced for those who are experiencing dental fear. This is the reason a dental implant treatment may be off the table for some, as the surgery causes a huge worry even before the actual procedure is done.

Conscious sedation makes it possible for an anxious patient to go through the dental implant treatment (and other dental treatments) without feeling worried or fearful. The sedative is administered intravenously, and the patient remains fully conscious to follow requests and instructions from the dentist throughout the treatment. This nervous patient care option enables the treatment to proceed smoothly, without the patient having to go through an uncomfortable time worrying about the treatment as the sedative brings him or her to a completely relaxed state.

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