Cosmetic Improvement with Tooth Contouring

Cosmetic Improvement with Tooth Contouring

Are you satisfied with the appearance of your teeth? Even the smallest imperfection in your teeth can have a great impact on your smile, especially if the affected tooth is in a visible location. Aside from the aesthetic effect, a misshapen tooth can also affect the way you chew on food, may affect your speech, and can even make good oral health more difficult to maintain – as in the case of an irregularly shaped tooth that is hard to clean entirely just by using a toothbrush.

tooth contouring

Tooth contouring is the procedure of changing the shape or contours of a tooth to improve its appearance and in some cases, to improve its function as well. Significant cosmetic improvement will be seen especially for teeth that are easily visible when the mouth is opened, or when smiling. The procedure involves the removal of some of the tooth enamel structure to change the shape and appearance of the entire tooth.

Tooth reshaping helps with improving the bite of the teeth, which can be affected when teeth are not properly aligned. Changing the shape of a tooth can make it more properly aligned with the rest of the teeth, and can help improve its function with regards to biting and chewing on food, and helps with clear speech. Good oral health will also be easier to maintain with teeth that are properly aligned, with the help of a tooth contouring treatment.

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