Dental Implants for Sports Injury Tooth Loss #sportsinjurytoothloss #UKdentalimplants
March 5th, 2018

There are several reasons why someone experiences tooth loss. The most common reason may be tooth decay, which in turn may result from poor oral hygiene or gum problems. Those who experience severe tooth decay or gum disease may experience the loss or most or all the teeth. Dental implants are ideal replacements for missing teeth regardless of the reason behind the loss. The titanium implants are embedded into the jawbone, and then attached to teeth restorations such as dental crowns or a dental bridge.

Aside from tooth decay or gum problems, a tooth can also be lost due to a sports injury. Those who have a high risk of losing a tooth this way include athletes or enthusiasts who engage in contact sports, such as boxing, rugby, and basketball. Without the proper protection in the form of a well-fitting mouth guard, the teeth (and the sensitive inner mouth area) are prone to getting injured or knocked out altogether in the heat of playing a spirited game.

In the case of a knocked-out tooth due to a sports injury, a dental implant will work in replacing the form and function of the lost tooth. A single dental implant can be inserted into the space left by the lost tooth, and then covered with a dental crown to make the smile complete once more.

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