Do you have a Healthy Smile?

Do you have a Healthy Smile?

Do you think you have a healthy smile? When you look in the mirror often and close enough, you will be able to see the condition of your teeth and give an assessment of your dental health. However, even as you look at your teeth for signs of imperfection, there is nothing better than a hygiene treatment or a dental check-up with your London Dental Studio dentist to determine the condition of your dental health. Regular visits to the dentist are also beneficial in detecting the earliest signs of dental problems so they can be treated before they get any worse.

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The appearance of your teeth says a lot about your smile’s health. Teeth imperfections are clear signs of dental problems, such as that of black spots that point to tooth decay or cavities. Worn teeth edges may indicate a problem with teeth grinding, and can be the start of a tooth sensitivity issue. Darkened teeth can diminish the beauty of your smile, but this can be corrected by cosmetic dentistry treatments such as teeth whitening or veneers. Swollen gums, on the other hand, are clear indications of the start of a gum problem.

After the visual inspection, you might want to check an invisible indication of your dental health -your breath. Even if your teeth look perfectly white and straight, and your gums look healthy, your dental health (as well as your social life) may unknowingly be suffering because you have bad breath. If you smell your not-so-fresh breath, chances are the people around you smell the same thing, too. A hygiene treatment can help you achieve and maintain fresh-smelling breath to complement your beautiful smile.

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