Does a Dental Appointment Make You Nervous?

Does a Dental Appointment Make You Nervous?

Do you feel completely comfortable when you go to the dentist? If you have dental anxiety, going to the dentist may not be one of your favourite things to do on a regular basis. For nervous patients, the idea of going for a dental check-up can bring about increased anxiety levels, even if there are no additional procedures involved other than the regular teeth cleaning and dental health check. However, a nervous patient may find it increasingly difficult to go to the dentist for a more complex treatment because of the anxiety involved.

Do you know what makes you nervous when you go to the dentist? Knowing the specific aspect that makes you anxious about a dental appointment can help with dental fear. Some examples of the things that bring on anxiety attack include:

•fear of needles
•fear of the dentist’s drill
•a strong gag reflex
•fear of the unknown (unfamiliar treatment/procedure)
•previous bad experience with a dentist
•embarrassment about the condition of teeth

There is a way to turn your dental treatment into a more pleasant experience. IV sedation is used to place you in a deeply relaxed state so all you feel is complete comfort as the treatment is done by your dentist. The sedative is safely administered by an IV line to the back of your hand or the crook of the arm to bring you to a sleepy, relaxed state while ensuring that you remain conscious throughout the procedure. You will still be able to understand the dentist’s instructions while under conscious sedation – but you will have only the most pleasant, positive experience without anxiety or fear.

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