Don't Be Shocked about Shark Teeth

Don’t Be Shocked about Shark Teeth

The term “shark teeth” may bring to mind images of sharp, ominous teeth that are synonymous to something sinister. In reality, shark teeth are simply permanent teeth which are coming out from under the gum line, behind milk teeth which have not yet fallen out as they normally should. The reference to sharks comes from the resemblance to the teeth of shark which form in rows. If you are a parent who has a child with this kind of condition, do not worry too much as this is not as dangerous as it sounds.

Normally, milk or baby teeth fall out on their own before the permanent teeth can come out from under the gum line. In this ideal condition, there are no issues about crowding because the permanent teeth will just take up the space left by the fallen out milk teeth. However, sometimes the baby teeth do not come out in time for the permanent teeth to take their place. In this scenario, the permanent teeth have nowhere else to come out of from under the gums, so they grow out from behind the milk teeth. In most cases, the issue is resolved naturally on its own as the baby teeth soon fall out after the permanent teeth make their appearance.

If the baby teeth do not fall out naturally a few weeks after the permanent teeth appeared behind it, it is best to take your child to the dentist. The milk teeth may need to be removed to provide space for the permanent teeth to grow out properly, to prevent problems with the form and function of the teeth.

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