Early Signs of Gum Problems

Early Signs of Gum Problems

Have you ever had gum disease symptoms? The earliest signs of gum problems can be mild and almost unnoticeable. This is the reason why gum treatment may not be sought out until the problem has worsened into something more serious. It is much easier to treat gingivitis (the mild form of gum disease), rather than deal with the complications brought by periodontitis. Being familiar with the early signs of gum problems can help you in seeking out the necessary treatment before the concern worsens into something that is more difficult – and more expensive – to treat.

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Do your gums bleed when you brush your teeth? Gums that easily bleed are one of the most common and earliest signs of gingivitis. Even if you do not use vigorous strokes when brushing your teeth, there will be blood present if you already have a gum problem. You can expect the same bleeding problem when using dental floss, or doing any other task that places pressure on the gum area.

Another symptom of gum disease is red and swollen gums. Healthy gums should look naturally pink, which also contributes to the beauty of the smile. If your gums look red and swollen, you may be suffering from gingivitis. Going to the dentist to get gum disease treatment as soon as possible will help prevent the problem from worsening, and will help bring back your smile to its best condition.

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