Factors that Increase the Risk of Gum Problems

Factors that Increase the Risk of Gum Problems

Taking care of your gums is part of healthy oral hygiene. While the teeth are usually the focus of attention when oral health is being discussed, the gums should not be neglected as well. Gum tissue acts as much-needed support for the teeth structure. The presence of gum problems puts your teeth at risk, which in turn can endanger the health and beauty of your entire smile.

What factors contribute to the risk of developing gum problems?

•Poor oral health care – improper or irregular tooth brushing can lead to poor oral health. When you do not brush your teeth properly, you can encourage the build-up or plaque and tartar on the surface of your teeth and along the gum line. Eventually, this build-up can lead to tooth decay and/or gum disease.

•Tobacco products – the chemicals found in cigarettes and other tobacco products are harmful to your teeth and gums. Long-term use of tobacco products can increase your risk of developing gum problems.

•Pregnancy – the fluctuating hormones caused by pregnancy can affect your dental health. Make sure that you have regular dental check-ups with your dentist to keep your smile healthy.

•Genetics – oral health problems such as gum disease can also be affected by genetics. If you have family members who have suffered from gum problems, there is a slightly elevated risk of you being afflicted with the same issues.

•Crooked teeth – misaligned teeth are difficult to clean. As such, crooked teeth are prone to tooth decay, while the surrounding gums are at a higher risk of developing problems.

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