Food and Drinks that Stain Teeth

Food and Drinks that Stain Teeth

A bright smile full of bright teeth will make you look attractive and healthy. The quality of your smile is one of the things that other people will notice about you, and your white teeth will play a huge role in how attractive your smile comes across to others. Taking care of your teeth by regular tooth brushing and going to the dentist regularly will go a long way in keeping your teeth white, but did you know that there are food culprits that make sneak up on you to stain your teeth?


The drinks that you may be drinking on a daily basis may be contributing to stains on your teeth. Coffee and tea are known to discolour teeth, especially if you generously drink these items on a daily basis. The refreshing drinks that you may be downing to quench your thirst may also be discolouring your teeth without you knowing about it! That can of soda, or that ice-cold glass of cranberry (or grape) juice can darken your teeth if you are drinking them regularly. Frequently munching on berries and beets can make your teeth discoloured in the long run.

You can avoid teeth stains by regulating your consumption of teeth-staining drinks and food items. Going to your dentist at the London Dental Studio for regular hygiene treatments will also be beneficial in maintaining your bright, healthy smiles for years to come.

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