Get the Most Out of your Dental Floss

Get the Most Out of your Dental Floss

Tooth brushing is an important part of good oral hygiene. However, brushing your teeth may not do the job of cleaning your teeth and whole mouth. Regular tooth brushing needs to be supported with the use of a dental floss if you want to make sure that your teeth and gums are thoroughly clean, so that you can avoid gum disease and other dental problems.

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Do you get the most out of your dental floss? You can get maximum benefits from flossing if you use the right type of dental floss. There are a number of dental floss products available nowadays, and these cater to different dental health needs as well. Wide and flat dental floss or dental tape is best for those who have wide spaces between the teeth, or for individuals who have receding gums. If your teeth are close together, you will benefit more from using a thin floss, which can easily fit into the spaces of the teeth for better cleaning action.

Using the dental floss the correct way will help ensure that you get the most cleaning action from flossing. You can hold onto a piece of floss 15 to 18 inches long, and then slide it around a tooth so that you form a C-shape that hugs the tooth. Clean around the tooth using an upward and downward motion; do this for every one of your teeth. A little amount of blood can mean that you have inflamed gums, which need to be cleaned of plaque buildup. However, see your dentist as soon as possible if bleeding is always present when you floss your teeth.

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