Getting Familiar with Fin Implants

Getting Familiar with Fin Implants

Thin jaw ridges make it quite difficult for dental implants to be placed successfully. This is because a healthy, robust jawbone structure is essential in providing a secure base where the implants will be placed and attached to. However, those who have thin jawbone ridges can still enjoy the benefits of a dental implant treatment, thanks to the presence of fin implants.

What are Fin Implants?

Designed by renowned dental implantologist Professor Hilt Tatum, fin implants are thin types of implants which are designed to be used for patients who need to replace missing teeth, but lack enough jawbone structure for conventional implant types. Fin implants are thin, and are specifically created to be placed on top of the jawbone – just under the gum structure. Those who have thin jaw ridges will benefit from this type of implant since fin implants do not need the presence of sufficient jawbone structure.

Fin implants may eliminate the need for a bone grafting procedure, which is needed to add the necessary structure to jawbone ridges that may have thinned due to missing teeth problems, gum disease, or other factors. Even though fin implants are thin, they have adequate surface area to which the bone can successfully integrate with, making it possible for the dental implants to be placed successfully to solve missing teeth problems.

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