Go for Implants for an Amazing Dental Facelift
April 2nd, 2015

Tooth loss brings about a dramatic change in your appearance. You might be surprised at how quickly your face will change as soon as you lose your teeth. The gaps caused by multiple tooth loss will make your smile incomplete and very unattractive. The lack of teeth and supporting bone will give that part of your mouth a hollow appearance that will make you look much older. If you don’t address the tooth loss, your jawbone will continue to get thinner – and your facial bone structure can deteriorate with the passage of time.

implants dental facelift

Dental implants will not only solve the problem of missing teeth, they can also improve your appearance especially after multiple tooth loss. The implants and teeth replacements, such as a dental bridge or dental crowns, will close the spaces caused by tooth loss to bring back the completeness of your smile. You will no longer have to suffer from an unattractive, old-looking smile as the implants give you a dental facelift – restoring both the proper use and healthy appearance of your smile.

Implants also solve the problem of bone deterioration by acting as artificial tooth roots. Dental implants take on the responsibility of stimulating the jawbone so that its quality is maintained, and to prevent the bone thinning that inevitably comes with tooth loss. Normal function such as eating and chewing on food will be restored as well with a dental facelift courtesy of dental implants.

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