Healthier Snacks for a Healthier Smile

Healthier Snacks for a Healthier Smile

Do you love having snacks? Having a small amount of food in between the major meals can help keep your energy up throughout the day, and will of course chase the hunger pangs away. However, you will have to be careful about the food items choose for snacks if you want to make sure that your teeth are taken care of. You can still enjoy your snacks without sacrificing the health of your teeth by choosing food items that won’t harm your smile.


In choosing your snacks, it is best to go for food items that are low in sugar and starch. This is because sugar and starch quickly interact with the bacteria naturally found in your mouth and saliva. If you do not brush your teeth after enjoying these food items, the sugar and starch can interact with the mouth bacteria and create an acidic environment, which in turn can harm the protective teeth enamel. Plaque can also form easily on the surface of teeth and on the gum line when the starch and sugar on food are not removed properly and quickly enough after snaking.

If you have to have sweets, it would be a better idea to indulge in sweet treats only after the main meals – and not often throughout the day. Instead of picking a bag of chips for snacks, you can still enjoy the satisfying crunch of raw vegetables such as carrots and celery. Yogurt and cheese are great snacks for your teeth because of the high calcium content. Fruits such as apples and pears give you an energy boost while acting as crunchy mouth cleansers that sweep away food debris from inside your mouth.

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