How Implants can Prevent Bone Deterioration

How Implants can Prevent Bone Deterioration

When you lose your teeth, you will experience a number of changes concerning your smile. The most obvious change involves your appearance. As soon as teeth are lost, your smile will instantly look unhealthy with the obvious spaces caused by your toothless condition. Changes in the way you speak will also be felt immediately, and you may find it difficult to let yourself be understood clearly especially if the missing teeth are in the front portion of your mouth. You may also find mealtimes to be tough to go through, since chewing or biting on food will be uncomfortable without the aid of teeth.


Another serious problem that can result from tooth loss is bone deterioration. This problem occurs when teeth go missing, and can worsen over time when the tooth loss problem is not addressed immediately. Without the stimulation coming from tooth roots (which are lost along with the natural teeth), the jawbone deteriorates and becomes thinner with the passage of time. The appearance will suffer as the mouth area takes on a shrivelled look as the jawbone becomes thinner; implants will also be more difficult to attach if the bone progressively loses its healthy structure.

An implant treatment at the London Dental Studio can prevent bone deterioration, or stop the deterioration from further worsening. The implants replace the tooth roots, providing stimulation to the jawbone to fight bone deterioration. Dental implants help maintain the healthy structure of the jawbone after the loss of natural teeth, so further complications can be avoided.

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