How to Find the Right Toothbrush

How to Find the Right Toothbrush

Are you comfortable with the toothbrush you’ve been using? Or do you experience discomfort when you use your toothbrush to clean your teeth? You may not think too much of this minor dilemma, but finding (and using) the right kind of toothbrush will not only make your tooth brushing experience more comfortable, but it can also ensure that you are cleaning your teeth in the most effective manner possible.

When you choose a toothbrush, look at the size of the head to determine if it will fit comfortably inside your mouth. A toothbrush head that is too large for your mouth will be difficult to maneuver, and can painfully bump against the inside of your mouth as you try to reach all the places that need to be cleaned. Your mouth will not be cleaned effectively if the toothbrush head is too large to fit into tight spaces.

Do you have sensitive teeth, or do your gums bleed easily? Go for a toothbrush with soft bristles that will not cause pain as you clean your teeth and mouth. Soft and thin bristles will also be able to more thoroughly clean spaces in between teeth and the gum line, removing food debris that can cause plaque buildup.

Test the grip of a toothbrush before buying it, to make sure that it fits comfortably inside your hand. If the toothbrush handle is too small or too big, you might end up losing your firm grip while tooth brushing – and you might accidentally hit your lips, tongue, gums, or teeth in a painful way.

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