How to Get Natural-Looking Smiles after Tooth Loss

How to Get Natural-Looking Smiles after Tooth Loss

Those who suffer from tooth loss are faced with the possibility of a life looking unattractive without their natural teeth. The loss of one tooth can significantly affect the appearance of one’s smile, and that effect is multiplied when several or all teeth are lost. While removable dentures provide quick solutions to multiple tooth loss, there is an even better missing teeth solution that results to more natural-looking smiles.

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Dental implants at the London Dental Studio offer reliable missing teeth solutions, and these artificial tooth roots provide a secure base where natural-looking teeth replacements can be attached to. A dental crown or a dental bridge can be attached to the implants to replace the form and function of the missing teeth. These teeth restorations are custom-made to match the natural appearance of the patient’s smile, or to match any remaining teeth in the mouth – resulting in a functionally-restored smile that looks and feels completely natural. The creation of the dental crowns and dental bridge are based on the patient’s unique mouth/teeth measurements and specifications, so there are no worries about missing teeth solutions that look abnormal or unnatural with regards to the rest of the face.

Problems with unnecessary movement, which are often experienced with removable dentures, are eliminated with implants and crowns or bridges. The dental implants provide a stable support for the teeth restorations, so the smile stays in place and does not slip off or move around inside the mouth, as is the case with removable dentures that have become loose.

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