How to Keep Children Away from Tooth Decay

How to Keep Children Away from Tooth Decay

The food, snacks, and drinks given to children will have a significant impact on their oral health. It is very tempting to reward the young ones with sweet treats especially upon seeing their little faces light up with each treat; however, these treats can lead to more harm for their teeth (and their overall health) when given in large doses or on a regular basis.

Happy kid drinking glass of milk

How can you prevent tooth decay in children? Getting them used to the idea of regularly going to the dentist will expose them to the importance of getting professional dental attention – and these regular checkups are also important in keeping them away from dental problems. You can also do your share of tooth decay prevention from the privacy of your own homes, with the snacks and other food items that you give to your children.

You can still give sweet treats to your children, but make sure that you do not make this a regular occurrence. Instead of giving them sugary snacks, have them snack on toast, plain popcorn, raw vegetables, and fruits. Stay away from carbonated drinks that have high sugar content, and high acidity that can erode the tooth enamel. Have your children drink lots of water to flush away food debris after eating and to keep the mouth (and whole body) properly hydrated. Teach your children the benefits of drinking milk even after they have outgrown their feeding bottle, so they can still reap the benefits of milk-drinking as they continue to grow older.

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