How to Keep Dental Crowns Safe

How to Keep Dental Crowns Safe

A dental crown is used to restore the form and function of a damaged tooth, such as one that has been treated with a root canal treatment. The crown can also be used to replace a missing tooth, with the help of a dental implant. Porcelain crowns from London Dental Studio are known for their strength, and these types of crowns can be customised to match the exact shade of the rest of the teeth to achieve a natural-looking smile. Just like natural teeth, dental crowns should be well taken care of to ensure its long-term good health.

How do you keep dental crowns safe & healthy?

A dental crown can be kept healthy and clean with regular tooth brushing, and with the help of dental floss. The crown itself will not be decayed, but the tooth structure underneath it is. Regular dental check-ups will also help in maintaining the crown’s good condition. If there is something that feels wrong with the way the upper and lower teeth come together when the mouth is closed (an uneven bite), the dentist should be informed immediately. Adjustments can be made with the dental crown to ensure a better bite, and to reduce the risk of crown damage.

It is best to avoid using the tooth treated with a crown for biting or chewing on hard food items, as doing to can lead to damage such as cracks or breaks on the crown’s porcelain structure. You should also avoid using toothpicks to remove pieces of food stuck in between the crowned tooth and the neighbouring teeth, as doing so can harm the crown.

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