How to Manage Dental Fear

How to Manage Dental Fear

When you fear something, you will understandably do whatever it takes to avoid an encounter with it. The same idea comes into play when it comes to dental fear. If you are afraid of going to the dentist, you may find yourself looking for numerous excuses just to postpone or cancel every dental appointment. Dealing with dental fear can help you get the treatments you need, but without the accompanying panic attack which can be traumatic.

comfortable conscious sedation

Relaxation exercises can help you feel more comfortable when you get to the dental clinic for your treatment. These exercises can put you in a more pleasant state of mind so you can calmly go through the necessary procedure. You can also listen to your favourite music, or read an interesting novel, while you wait for your turn to be seen by the dentist. Even simple breathing exercises can effectively control your anxiety to better prepare you for the appointment.

At London Dental Studio, we understand how difficult it is for anxious patients to deal with their dental fear. We offer IV sedation to give nervous patients a more pleasant dental treatment experience. The sedative will be administered by an experienced, highly-qualified anaesthetist to guarantee your complete safety during the treatment. You will feel deeply relaxed yet conscious throughout the procedure, and may not be able to remember too much about the treatment afterwards.

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