How to Stop Painful Denture Use

How to Stop Painful Denture Use

Do you use dentures? These teeth restorations offer quick solutions to missing teeth problems, in a manner that is not invasive as there are no surgical procedures involved. The set of dentures are created to fit comfortably inside the mouth, to restore the healthy appearance and use of the smile after tooth loss. This option is preferred by those who want to quickly replace missing teeth with no invasive steps involved.

The denture will work well for the first few years.

However, as they are not attached to the jawbone, they will gradually become loose with long-term use. This is because the jawbone will undergo deterioration, becoming thinner without the stimulation provided by the teeth roots (which were lost along with the natural teeth). The dentures which once had a tight fit in the mouth will start to become loose, causing discomfort as they rub repeatedly against the gums & tongue. Loose dentures also make it difficult to speak clearly as they move uncontrollably inside the mouth and can make mealtimes painful to manage.

Are you tired of painful denture use? You can put an end to this misery by choosing dental implants, which will restore the proper function & healthy appearance of the smile in a permanent way. The implants are inserted into the jawbone and then attached to teeth restorations such as dental crowns, or a dental bridge to completely restore the smile. There are no worries about the teeth replacements moving unexpectedly as they are firmly anchored into the jawbone through the dental implants. You will be able to smile, eat, and speak comfortably & confidently with the help of a dental implant treatment at the London Dental Studio.

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