How your Smile Changes with One Tooth Lost
May 30th, 2017

When missing teeth problems are discussed, it is easy to assume that you should only be concerned with multiple tooth loss – and that losing one tooth is not something you should be worried about. Some people may even think that losing only one tooth will not make a difference in the way their smile looks, feels, and functions. However, this cannot be farther from the truth because you will still feel the negative effects of tooth loss, even if you have only one tooth missing.

As soon as one of your teeth go missing, your smile will undergo a noticeable change. If the tooth is at the back part of your mouth, the effect on the appearance of your smile may be minimal at first. The problem becomes more magnified if the tooth loss is in a visible area, such as in the front of your mouth. The gap caused by the tooth loss will easily be seen every time you open your mouth to speak, smile, or laugh. Your speech will also be affected by a single tooth loss, again especially if the lost tooth is in the front mouth area. That single tooth lost will result in a lisp that will affect proper pronunciation.

If the single tooth loss is not addressed, it can also affect the surrounding teeth. The neighbouring teeth will eventually move and can cause other unsightly spaces to form between the other teeth. A single missing tooth can be solved with a dental implant at the London Dental Studio, which will be inserted into the jawbone to replace the lost tooth roots. The implant will then be connected to a dental crown to restore the normal appearance and function of the smile.

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