Improved Denture Use with Mini Implants

Improved Denture Use with Mini Implants

Are you still comfortable with the way your dentures fit inside your mouth? If you have just gotten your teeth replacements, you may still be enjoying comfortable denture fit. However, if you have been using your dentures for a long period of time spanning a few years, you will start to notice a change in the way they feel in your mouth. You may also discover that it is not difficult to control denture movement – even in times when the dentures are not supposed to move!

mini dental implants

At the London Dental Studio, we offer mini implants as a means of holding the dentures firmly in place, so you do not have to worry anymore about dentures that embarrass and pain you with their uncontrolled movement. The mini dental implants are embedded into your jawbone, and will then be used as a secure base where the dental prosthetics can be attached to. Dentures or dental bridges that are supported by implants will not move, giving you the confidence and comfort of having a secure smile.

The mini implants also serve as artificial tooth roots, providing the stimulation needed by your jawbone to prevent jawbone deterioration. The thinning of the jawbone is caused by the loss of the natural tooth roots that said goodbye along with the tooth loss. Implants continue to stimulate the bone so that the healthy structure is maintained properly.

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