Is Flossing Really Necessary? #benefitsofdentalfloss #gooddentalhealthLondon
October 4th, 2018

Taking care of your teeth involves proper tooth brushing and going to the dentist for your regular dental check-ups. Another important step to be followed is using the dental floss. However, not everyone may be keen on doing this extra step because some think that it is not truly necessary. Others consider the process of using the dental floss to clean between the teeth the gum line to be too tedious. So, do you really need to still use the dental floss?

Using dental floss has numerous benefits for your dental health. Brushing your teeth will remove food pieces that may be left inside the mouth after meals, but there are areas that cannot be reached (and cleaned) by toothbrushing alone. These hard to reach areas may still have a few smaller pieces of food stuck to them; if these food bits are not removed, they can lead to the development of plaque which can harm both the teeth and the gums. Using dental floss, the places in between the teeth and gum line can be cleaned more thoroughly to prevent dental problems such as gingivitis and tooth decay.

Doing that extra step of using dental floss may seem like an unnecessary part of your personal oral health routine, but your smile will thank you in the long run for this. While cleaning in between your teeth and the gum line doesn’t feel like such a big deal, you will discover the significant effect of regular flossing when you realize that you have gone through life without serious problems associated with gum disease or tooth decay.

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