Keeping your Child Calm in the Dental Clinic

Keeping your Child Calm in the Dental Clinic

Are you planning to take your child to the dentist? If you are and your child has so far been relaxed during the previous visits, good for you! However, if you notice that your child has been acting nervous every time you go to the dentist, you can do some things to keep your young one relaxed for the dental appointment. Calm, positive experiences during childhood will pave the way to a better outlook with regards to dental checkups as your child gets older.

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Make sure that your child had enough sleep and rest before you go for the dental checkup; if not, your young one can be grumpy by the time you get to the clinic, and the bad mood can contribute to the anxiety level. Hunger can also put your child in a bad mood, so make sure that the little one is fed before the appointment – but do not forget to brush his or her teeth afterwards as part of good oral hygiene before going in for the dental checkup.

As you get to the clinic, you will have to show your child that you are relaxed and calm as well. Children often take cues from their parents; if your child sees you looking anxious, he or she will start feeling the same way. While waiting for the dentist, you keep your child relaxed by distracting him or her with toys, games, or by watching a video. Keeping your child calm before, during, and after the checkup will help leave a positive experience that he or she will remember for years to come.

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