Long-Term Relief from Wisdom Teeth Pain

Long-Term Relief from Wisdom Teeth Pain

Do you have a toothache because of wisdom teeth problems? Problems with wisdom teeth often include a great amount of pain, which can render a person immobile because of the pain’s intensity. The pain comes when the tooth (or teeth) is impacted or does not grow out upwards from under the gum line. An impacted tooth has the tendency to move sideways, pushing against the neighbouring teeth; the pressure from this sideways movement causes extreme pain. Wisdom teeth pain can also be the result when the impacted teeth become decayed, which is a common problem since these teeth cannot easily be cleaned because of their position under the gum line.

wisdom tooth pain

If you have painful wisdom teeth, you can take over the counter pain relievers to temporarily ease the discomfort. However, you will need a long-term solution if you do not want this pain to come back to haunt you again. An impacted and decayed wisdom tooth may need to be removed by your London Dental Studio dentist or oral surgeon so that you can have permanent pain relief.

Wisdom teeth can be removed through oral surgery, with the patient given an anaesthetic so that the procedure can be done without pain and discomfort. Nervous patients can also opt to have conscious sedation in addition to the anaesthetic, to relieve anxiety and fear during the tooth extraction. Wisdom tooth extraction is necessary to remove decayed or impacted teeth that can be the source of swelling, infection, and extreme pain.

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