Make Mealtimes more Enjoyable with Dental Implants

Make Mealtimes more Enjoyable with Dental Implants

Tooth loss does not only affect the appearance of a beautiful smile; this problem also has a significant impact on how the remaining teeth (if there are any left!) function inside the mouth. If you have missing teeth, you will instantly feel a big difference during mealtimes. The food items that you used to love may not hold the same appeal when you are missing some or all of your teeth, because it may be too difficult to chew these treats.

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Do you want to fully enjoy your favourite food items even if you have missing teeth? This is still possible with the help of dental implants. These artificial tooth roots are placed directly into the jawbone and serve as firm anchors for teeth replacements, such as dental crowns or a dental bridge. As your teeth restorations are securely attached to the jawbone – via implants – the normal function and appearance of your smile will be restored.

After an implant treatment, you can say goodbye to painful food chewing and instead start enjoying your meals once again! There is no need to worry about discomfort as your gums take on the job of chewing or cutting food; the implants and the corresponding teeth restoration will take on that role as a solution for missing teeth.

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