Maximum Benefits from Mini Implants

Maximum Benefits from Mini Implants

Dental implants are the most ideal solutions to missing teeth problems. These titanium screws serve as effective replacements for the healthy appearance and function of missing natural teeth. A traditional dental implants treatment, however, can take a long period of time to be completed; the successful placement of the implants will also depend on whether good jawbone quality is still available as a secure support structure.

Do you want to have dental implants but you have a thin jawbone? Are you interested in enjoying your dental implants without the long waiting time involved? Mini implants at the London Dental Studio can give you the missing teeth replacements you need in a short period of time and can help you secure loose dentures, even if you have a thin jawbone.

Minimally-Invasive Mini Implants

The placement of mini implants involves a shorter period of time compared to a traditional implants placement. This is because the mini dental implants are placed using a minimally-invasive procedure, which does not include cutting the gums (and stitching them closed afterwards). The implants and the teeth restorations can immediately be used after the treatment; there is no need to wait for a few months to enjoy your brand-new smile!

Jawbone deterioration can have a huge impact on dental implant placement. The use of mini dental implants, however, enables you to have the implant treatment that you need, even if you have a thin jawbone, without the need for an advanced procedure such as a bone graft. The smaller implants are designed to maximise the existing jawbone structure.

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