Mini Implants as Missing Teeth Solutions

Mini Implants as Missing Teeth Solutions

Dental implants are ideal, long-lasting solutions to missing teeth problems. The titanium tooth roots are embedded into the jawbone to act as firm anchors where the teeth restorations will be connected to. However, there are cases when it may not be possible for conventional dental implants to be placed, such as when the jawbone has deteriorated and thinned considerably. In these cases, mini implants can be used instead to address the missing teeth problem.

mini dental implants

As the name suggests, mini dental implants are smaller compared to the size of conventional implants. These smaller implants are ideal for those whose jawbones have thinned or deteriorated. Mini implants are placed on the jawbone using a minimally-invasive method, which does not require cutting through and stitching closed the gum tissue. This technique also eliminates the need for a bone graft for people experiencing jawbone deterioration.

A mini implant treatment is used for solving missing teeth problems, and can also be used to secure loose dentures. The benefits of mini implants can immediately be enjoyed after the placement since the implants (together with the corresponding teeth restorations) can be used right after the treatment. The healing time is significantly shorter compared to conventional implant treatment, and the overall shorter treatment period equates to a more cost-efficient option for missing teeth solutions.

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