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Mouth Guards for Injury Prevention

Injuries to the mouth and face area can be considered as dental emergencies, especially if the injuries involve bleeding and extreme pain. In these cases, immediate dental or medical pharmacy attention is needed to ensure that further complications are avoided, and also to bring pain relief to the patient. Although injuries through accidents are not completely avoidable, there are some ways to protect yourself during sports activities so that injuries to the teeth, mouth, and face areas can be avoided.

mouth guard

A mouth guard is a dental appliance worn over the teeth to protect against injuries during contact sports. The mouth guard protects the teeth from being damaged (chipped, cracked, or knocked-out) when blunt force is applied to the mouth area during sports such as basketball or boxing. This dental appliance also protects the tongue from being accidentally bitten while playing contact sports. A mouth guard which is customised provides much better protection compared to those that can readily be bought in stores, because customised mouth guards fit more comfortably inside the mouth.

When playing sports, wearing a mouth guard may not be considered as a truly important step to take. However, the difference between safety and a serious injury to the teeth and mouth can be determined with the simple act of wearing a mouth guard which is specially designed to protect you from sports injuries. Physical contact may be part of the game, but you can still enjoy your sports without the injuries if you diligently wear a mouth guard for protection.