Nail Biting Can Damage your Smile

Nail Biting Can Damage your Smile

Do you bite your nails? This habit may be more easily associated with younger individuals, but a surprising number of adults are found to still be reverting to this habit especially when they are faced with anxiety, or with stressful situations. Nail biting damages your nails and exposes you to the countless harmful bacteria which can be found on your fingers and under the fingernails. Constantly biting your nails can also damage your smile without you even realizing it.

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Your nails are not made of a soft material. When you bite on them, you are placing unnecessary and extreme forces on your teeth, just like what occurs when you use your teeth as tools to tear open packages. Nail biting can harm the tooth enamel, and cause cracks or chips on your teeth. The constant force you subject your teeth to may make the teeth roots weaker, which in turn can also harm the surrounding jawbone in the long run.

As you bite your nails, you may also be exposing your gums to greater harm. The gums also experience the same pressure placed on the teeth, and in the long run, the gum tissue may recede because of the nail biting habit. Biting on your nails can also contribute to the development of TMJ problems and a painful jaw.

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