Orthodontic Power Chains for Closing Teeth Gaps

Orthodontic Power Chains for Closing Teeth Gaps

An orthodontic treatment is done to move teeth into a straighter position, mainly to solve crooked teeth problems. Orthodontics can also be used to resolve other issues such as to close unsightly gaps between teeth. Closing these gaps will need extra force, and you may hear your orthodontist mention something about power chains. While this may sound intimidating, power chains, in essence, are the same as elastic ligatures (used to hold the archwire to the bracket), with the main difference being that they are linked together to form the “chain”.

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Power chains form a continuous band connecting each tooth. Power chains can be used in the instead of the ligatures on your orthodontic treatment, but there are also instances when both ligatures and power chains are used – depending on the end result that you and your orthodontist want to achieve with your treatment. Just like the elastic ligatures, the power chains will also be regularly changed with each of your orthodontic adjustments.

Why does your orthodontic treatment need to have power chains? This type of ligature is mainly used for cases when teeth gaps need to be closed, and especially if teeth extractions are part of the orthodontic treatment plan. The power chains are sometimes left with the orthodontic braces even after the gap has successfully been closed. Using power chains equates to more force applied to move your teeth, and also results in faster movement.

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