Reduce Sugar Intake to Maintain a Healthy Smile

Reduce Sugar Intake to Maintain a Healthy Smile

Do you have a sweet tooth? Indulging in a sweet treat once in a while is perfectly fine, more so if the sweetness is derived from natural sources such as those found in fresh fruits – compared to the artificial sugar and as sweeteners used in candies and other dessert items. However, if you have the habit of regularly munching on sweet treats such as candies, chocolates, and pastries, you’re increasing your risk of developing a host of health and dental problems in the long run.

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Maintaining a healthy smile requires the combination of good personal dental habits, regular dentist check-ups at the London Dental Studio, and a healthy diet. What you eat and drink has a significant impact in the condition of your dental health. If you regularly give in to cravings for sweet food and beverages, you are exposing your teeth to dental problems such as tooth decay. Sugar that stays on the surface of teeth for a long period of time can interact with the acids inside the mouth. Coupled with poor dental hygiene, the sugar and acids can lead to the formation of dental plaque.

Reducing your sugar intake can help you in maintaining a healthy smile. You can still give in to your cravings for a sweet treat, but make sure that you don’t do it on a regular basis to limit the exposure of your teeth to damage. You also have to practise good dental hygiene so you can maintain your beautiful smile for a longer period of time.

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