Replace a Lost Tooth with a Dental Implant

Replace a Lost Tooth with a Dental Implant

Do you have one missing tooth? If you do, it can be tempting to just leave that single toothless spot alone, and not do anything with replacing that lone lost tooth. However, there are other problems that can develop if you do not replace that single lost tooth. If the toothless area is located in the front of your mouth, your smile will drastically become unattractive (yes, even with just one missing tooth!) and will be the source of extreme embarrassment.

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You will also have a difficult time speaking clearly when you have even a single tooth missing from the front of your mouth. That difficulty will also be felt when you bite or chew on your food – the space created by the lost tooth will force the gums in that area to do the cutting and can result to sore, painful gums.

You can solve the missing tooth problem with the help of a dental implant. The implant will be embedded into the jawbone in the tooth loss area, and will then be attached to a dental crown to close the unsightly gap. The implant and the crown combination will restore the healthy form and function of the smile, and you will be able to smile confidently with a complete set of teeth once more.

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