Same Day Teeth with CEREC: Beautiful Smiles in One Visit

Same Day Teeth with CEREC: Beautiful Smiles in One Visit

Dental problems can cause imperfections in your smile. Treating the problems will give you the improved smile that you want; however, sometimes it takes a long time for the smile improvements to be finished.

Do you want to improve your smile without the waiting period? Are you interested in having a beautiful smile in just one day? Same Day Teeth with CEREC in London can give you the smile improvement you want, within the same day of the treatment!

How Does the Same Day Teeth Treatment Work?

The CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Aesthetic Ceramics) system is made up of a digital infrared camera, a milling machine, and a medical grade computer – which are all set up onsite at the London Dental Studio. The CEREC system enables the completion of the treatment (including the actual creation and design of the tooth restoration) inside the clinic. This eliminates the step that involves sending the teeth impressions to a separate dental laboratory, where the teeth restorations will be created.

Same Day Teeth with CEREC makes it possible for you to see your tooth restoration as it is being designed and created by the dentist chairside. There is also no need for you to endure the process of taking impressions, which include uncomfortable moulds that can make you gag uncontrollably.

CEREC Technology

The camera used in the CEREC system takes optical impressions of the affected tooth, and uploads the images to the computer. CAD (Computer Aided Design) software is used to design the tooth restoration, after which the CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software will be used for the actual creation and manufacturing of the restoration, while you wait. You can arrive at the clinic in the morning, and enjoy a much-improved smile within the same day, with the help of CEREC technology.

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