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Say Goodbye to Smile Gaps with a Dental Bridge

Do you have missing teeth? Is your smile made unattractive by unsightly spaces caused by tooth loss? These unwelcome gaps can instantly make you look unhealthy, and can also affect the way your smile functions. You will be surprised at how old you will suddenly appear to be when you have a gapped smile. You will also have to deal with a sudden lisp when the tooth loss gap is in the front portion of your mouth – your once normal speech will become difficult to understand when you lose a few teeth.

That unsightly space caused by tooth loss can be solved with the help of a dental bridge, which is a series of dental crowns used to close the gap. The bridge can either be anchored to the neighbouring teeth (if possible, on both sides of the tooth loss gap), or to dental implants. The dental implant is inserted into the jawbone to take on the role of the lost tooth roots, and will work on preventing further bone deterioration. The bridge is attached to the implant to complete the restoration of the smile’s normal form and function.

There is no need to go through life with an unattractive smile featuring a tooth loss gap. A dental bridge can close that unsightly gap so you can bring back your healthy, beautiful smile. Combined with a dental implant treatment at the London Dental Studio, you can restore your confidence even after losing some of your natural teeth – and still be able to enjoy a high quality of life after suffering from missing teeth problems.

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