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Secure Loose Dentures with a Dental Implant Treatment

Dentures provide a quick fix for missing teeth problems. These removable teeth replacements are created to fit comfortably inside the mouth, to replace the normal form and function of the teeth that were lost due to a variety of reasons. However, as the dentures are not connected to the jawbone – and because they do not address bone deterioration – they may actually pose more problems with long term use.

Removable dentures will eventually lose their comfortable fit as the years go by. This is because they do not do anything to solve the problem of missing tooth roots, which have been lost along with the natural teeth. Without the stimulation coming from the tooth roots, the jawbone will gradually deteriorate and become thinner. As the jawbone becomes thinner, the dentures will increasingly become loose and cause problems that affect the smile’s appearance and proper function. Loose dentures move around uncomfortably inside the mouth and will become a cause of embarrassment for the wearer.

Loose dentures can be secured with the help of dental implants at the London Dental Studio. The implants are inserted into the jawbone and will start to take on the role of stimulating the bone to preserve its healthy structure (or to prevent further bone deterioration). The titanium implants will then be used to secure the dentures or a dental bridge in place, putting an end to pain and embarrassing loose denture problems.

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